If you are African or into AfroBeat music, then me telling you to look out for Shatta Wale is like me telling you to look out for Drake. Shatta is arguably the biggest artist in Ghana, which is one of the 2 dominant hotbeds where AfroBeat culture is cultivated (Nigeria is the other). It would be accurate to describe him more like Cardi B, who is big in the genre where she is from yet unknown on the wider commercial market; both also have had well publicized beefs and antics and is full of personality. These things alone make S. Wale unique on Ghana’s conservative music scene but one must add the fact that his music is unabashedly dancehall reggae (He actually brands himself as king of Ghana dancehall, an ode to the Beenie Man – the king of dancehall title) with infused local Ghanaian dialect oppose to the culture style of reggae which is more prominent in the country.

Shatta Wale has the challenge of already reaching the highest level in his genre and wanting to grow his movement to be embraced globally while staying true to blueprint that his fans love him for now. With a million plus people counting themselves as your fans, you are well on your way to branching out beyond where you currently are.

Look out, Shatta is coming!