Clean fun is missing from Hip Hop, largely because when an artist is fun it usually comes coupled with corniness. Lady Leshurr can rap, is hilarious and does it all without selling her sexuality or making good use of an explicit language label. Her raps are fun and light-hearted but her flow and delivery are top notch and are the answer for those in North America looking for a female spitter with the talent to fit the bill. She is the artist you want your daughter listening to and the artist your son would actually listen to. Admittedly not the cosign an artist may want but could be the cosign that signals future greatness. An artist who admittedly studied Lil Wayne, Leshurr has the punchline game and flow to compete. Her style uses simple yet clever metaphors, with rapid flow and animated delivery.

Where Cardi B is an entertainer using antics on and off the mic (Cardi B was reportedly inspired to record her song Cheap Weave by Lady Leshurr’s music), Leshurr has a wholesome round the way girl appeal with the respect of having the skill to hold her own with the fellas. Virtually unknown here in the North, Lady Leshurr is already a well known artist in the United Kingdom with international tours under her belt and having international corporate cosigns from the likes of Samsung. What Lady Leshurr has the opportunity to do is take the image and skill set that she has become an icon with deeper, socially and timely content that could see her more revered as a Lauryn Hill than a Missy Elliot. Either way she seems destined for success. Look out, Lady Leshurr is coming!