First let me say, I know we are waaaaay to slow to post up artist features. Forgive, this has gone from a one man show to a tram overnight and the magazine is one of the last things being affected by this (we have to do this right). That being said, if you look at the features  that we have done and followed the progress of our chosen artists, you will see we are good at what we do. What a wonderful way to segway into Donald Glover, otherwise known as Childish Gambino.

For many people reading this it will seem like we are writing about an already very famous person. Remember though we write for an international audience and in many places Childish Gambino isn’t a household name but that is about to change. Glover is a triple threat, an actor, a musician and a comedian. Well known in America, Danny is best known globally through his acting success that lands him in Hollywood blockbusters as Spider-man: Homecoming, The Martian and Solo: A Star Wars Story. CG is a talented and critically acclaimed artist but arguably not a household name internationally, yet.

Childish Gambino just released a groundbreaking (or internet breaking) music video for his new single This Is America. His new video is overflowing with imagery that best described as an in-depth snapshot of the black experience in America. We do not want to ruin it by describing it further but please watch it here:

This gripping video has been discussed both online by fans of the Hip Hop genre and by American pop culture critics alike. Given the global attention to America, the plight of the African American in America and the bigoted nature of America’s current President, Childish Gambino is having a moment, a moment very necessary for America and Africans throughout the Diaspora. Danny Glover may become one of the biggest artist to emerge out of 2018.