Cardi B has that “it” factor. I’m not speaking about the “it” factor that people usually refer to when discussing a star’s ability to stand out as special, in some respects Cardi could be looked over as the antithesis of that. For some they love her because she is very rough around the edges like them, and for others she is a guilty pleasure. Cardi B is crass, loud, over-the-top and goofy but somehow it comes off orchestrated yet brutally honest, shameless, endearing and beautiful. This is the type of aura or character that some stars have a whole team working to create and in the past a whole team would work to hide; think Whitney Houston. Today’s music industry rewards honesty and emotional authenticity and Ms. B has them in spades. For our non-North American readers, Cardi B raised to fame through reality TV where stardom is rewarded for the most ratchet (ghetto) behavior, most specifically fighting. Cardi appears to care less what you think of her and she has no reservations telling you so and putting hands on you if you disagree. Her overtly sexual openness was also well placed on the show and on her successful social media presence. Looking overtly sexy, cursing like a sailor, fighting like a street fighter and having sex with successful men may help make you famous but that never is enough to make it into music. This is where Cardi B’s future and fame started a trajectory beyond 15 minutes and the realm of a thot. Cardi can actually rap and most importantly, her personality resonates seamlessly in her music. This mosaic brings us to the picture of success that we now see with the vixen but for some of us who have been here for a minute, there is a likeness to some greats like Madonna and more recently Lil Kim that we begin to notice in her.

Cardi B has that one of the guys vibe but she is overtly sexy in a brash way that acknowledges and embraces her past as a stripper. But Cardi is obviously smarter than she gives off; apparently not only still waters run deep. As she is learning to mute some of her overt characteristics and highlight some of her more subtle ones, we see an image of a beautiful, full-figured, confident woman coming into her own. If Cardi can take this newly forming image and score some commercially big pop collaborations through her record label Atlantic while maintaining her current fan base, then the lady bornĀ Belcalis Almanzar and now famously known as Cardi B may become an international icon. Salute to genuine shock and awe; look out, Cardi B is coming!