Our Story

Aukiss Magazine was founded under the Aukiss Media umbrella due to its founder’s love of writing and consuming content. Media and communication are ever evolving and people are now digesting content quickly and intimately; now information and media arrive right in one’s palm on screens via various handheld devices. The mantra of Aukiss is to more intimately achieve the legend of the Midas touch. We further define the touch as a kiss and acknowledge the legend of gold with its elemental sign AU. Let your life be great and may your story be retold.

Our Approach

We aim to traverse the globe and dive into global culture and issues in a way that is seldom done. As we grow and extend our team our focus is to make our home countries untraceable by making our approach and coverage of news and emerging culture unbiased. The idea isn’t to represent everything but rather to curate international content to inform and entertain our readers. We actually want you to become aware of the cultures that share and influence this world, and in this ambition we educate ourselves.


We are a passionate few that are dedicated to informing our readers and creating an outlet acting as equal ground for artistic and cultural representation. We love what we do and we hope and pray that it shows.

AUKISS – The gold standard.